Power of Attorney Forms Are a Must for Young Adults

Turning 18 can bring on feelings of joy, freedom, and excitement for the future. Most of us remember those days for ourselves, but the feelings are often flipped when our children turn 18. We are left with questions about what comes next and whether our children will still turn to us for guidance or lean on their newfound independence. What many families don’t recognize is what turning 18 can mean for a parent’s Read More

When is the Right Time to Refinance Your Home?

Few words make an adult queasy like the word mortgage. Many homeowners have horror stories about unfavorable mortgage loan terms that put them in a bind as they tried to buy their own home or make investment purchases. Thankfully, we are not handcuffed to the terms of our mortgage should they be less than favorable at the start. In 2021, nearly 25% of homeowners reported refinancing their mortgages – a number that Read More

What It Really Means to Buy or Sell a Home “As-is”

Searching for a home can take you and your family in a number of different directions. From starting your search online to touring numerous properties to inspecting a prospective home to ensure you’re getting the right deal, the whole experience can be emotional and a bit exhausting. But, what happens when you come across a home that is being sold “as-is?” The term can scare off a number of buyers, creating an Read More

Estate Planning Tips for “Small” Estates

Estate planning is for everyone. It’s important to state that because many people and families believe they don’t have enough to constitute an “estate,” but that’s very rarely the case. What’s true is that estates can be big or small, and each estate deserves the delicate planning needed to take care of your hard work. We can boil this thinking down further and instead of looking at an “estate” we can look at Read More

Required Disclosures in Florida Home Purchases

“Buyer beware” is an overriding principle in many purchases. It has historically been associated with real estate purchases. However, buying a house or condo is an extremely complex transaction. Few people are structural engineers, architects, or home inspectors, so are homebuyers supposed to simply trust that sellers will tell them everything they need to know?  Thankfully, no. Florida’s disclosure requirements for Read More

Probate Might Not Be What You Think

While there’s a general understanding of what probate is for those who have an estate plan, the process itself isn’t well understood. What is generally known about it tends to be negative: people believe it erodes the financial value of the state and can drag on for years, making probate something that needs to be avoided at all costs. The truth is that under some circumstances, probate can be a good thing for an Read More

End-of-Year Estate Planning Checklist

We’re inching ever closer to 2023. As the clock ticks by, 2022 dwindles to a close, and all our New Year’s Resolutions become front and center. But, our team believes you shouldn’t completely write this year off year yet. It can be easy to mail it in during the month of December and just coast through the holidays, but there are a few items you should consider knocking off your estate planning to-do list before we Read More

What Exactly is Escrow?

When you call our firm or visit our website you’ll notice we use the phrase “Security Title and Escrow.” That last word can be a point of confusion for those who are new to the real estate market. Whether you’re looking to buy a home for yourself/your family or you’re looking to become a long-term real estate investor, it’s time to become familiar with the concept of escrow. Escrow introduces a third party to your Read More

Documents You Need For A Complete Estate Plan

At Schlegel Livingston, we take pride in sitting down with our clients and making sure their estate plan is fulfilling the goals of the whole family. We take a holistic approach to estate planning and want to provide you with the information you need for a successful and thorough estate plan. During our introductory meetings to discuss these plans, we often get asked what documents will be necessary. Ultimately, Read More

Preparing for the Real Estate Closing Process

Real estate purchases can be a long, grueling process for both sides. There are many financial, legal, and other hoops to jump through to get to the closing process. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations on nearing the completion of your purchase – but there’s still some work to do. The closing process can often just be crossing some t’s and dotting some i’s as you and the seller complete necessary Read More