Why You Need an Attorney to Review Your Mortgage Before Signing

Buying a home in Florida is a significant investment, and with the stakes so high, it's understandable that homebuyers look for ways to save money throughout the process. However, one area where cutting corners can end up proving to be more costly than anticipated is in signing mortgage loans without prior review by your own attorney. In Florida real estate transactions, attorneys play critical roles from drafting Read More

Navigating Mortgage Qualification: Essential Advice for First-Time Home Buyers

Purchasing a first home is an important milestone, yet it comes with challenges, especially regarding mortgage qualification. Many first-time buyers find the mortgage process complex and intimidating. This guide is designed to help you navigate these challenges, making the journey to homeownership more straightforward and less daunting. Deciphering the Mortgage Qualification Landscape The initial phase in Read More

Real Estate Deals: Gift or Lump of Coal?

Flashy Low Down Payment Deals: Lump of Coal Before we dive into this one, we want to express that we understand these deals are better for some than others. At Schlegel Livingston, we recognize that everyone's financial situation is unique. For many, a minimal upfront payment is the only feasible path to homeownership, a necessity rather than a choice. However, it's crucial to understand the long-term implications Read More

The Significant Advantages of Working With an Attorney-Owned Title Company

Real estate investments and transactions are about as big as it gets for the people of Florida. As you know, the market in the Sunshine State has been as hot as the weather for years now, with no signs of slowing down. You want an experienced team by your side who can offer comprehensive services and unparalleled legal insights. That's where Schlegel Livingston, an attorney-owned title company, comes in. Not only Read More

Why You Need a Pour-Over Will to Secure Your Legacy

Estate planning is a necessary tool to secure your assets, shape the future of your family, and protect your legacy. However, life has a way of throwing curveballs and even meticulously-crafted plans sometimes fall short. That's where a pour-over will becomes an invaluable tool in ensuring that your legacy and assets remain protected when you’re unable to take care of them yourself. So, what is a pour-over will Read More

Three Factors That Completely Alter Real Estate Pricing

  People looking to buy a home or investment property in Florida are often left frustrated by constantly shifting prices. The market has been hot in the Sunshine State for several years now, so the price just to get in anywhere in our state is one of the biggest challenges of any real estate market in the country. We hear from clients frequently who are left dumbfounded when a 1,500 square foot Read More

5 Common Trust Mistakes in Estate Planning

Because there are so many types of trusts, this document is widely considered to be the most versatile estate planning document. Also, having one or more trusts even makes sense for many estate planners who are not in the one percent. If you plan a strategy for getting the most out of your trusts and follow through on that strategy, your heirs and beneficiaries will probably be grateful that you saved them some Read More

What is a Lien, and Who Can Put One on My Florida Property?

A property lien is one of the most common items that can make a Florida home sale can go awry. Liens, which can be attached to real or personal property, are claims to that particular asset. After a person or entity places a property lien on someone’s house, land, or condo, they get compensated for the amount of the lien before the property owner gets money in the event of a sale. Essentially, a lien is a claim to Read More

Power of Attorney Forms Are a Must for Young Adults

Turning 18 can bring on feelings of joy, freedom, and excitement for the future. Most of us remember those days for ourselves, but the feelings are often flipped when our children turn 18. We are left with questions about what comes next and whether our children will still turn to us for guidance or lean on their newfound independence. What many families don’t recognize is what turning 18 can mean for a parent’s Read More

When is the Right Time to Refinance Your Home?

Few words make an adult queasy like the word mortgage. Many homeowners have horror stories about unfavorable mortgage loan terms that put them in a bind as they tried to buy their own home or make investment purchases. Thankfully, we are not handcuffed to the terms of our mortgage should they be less than favorable at the start. In 2021, nearly 25% of homeowners reported refinancing their mortgages – a number that Read More