5 Tips for Making an Offer on a House

July 20, 2020

COVID-19 has made for an interesting housing market the past few months, and the only thing certain in the near future is that uncertainty will continue to reign. That said, there are many areas in Florida and the rest of the country that can be considered a buyer’s market. In these conditions, you may have to pull out all the stops to snag your dream home. This blog will lay out some tips for making the best offer possible on a house you have your eyes on.

  1. Find an effective real estate agent. This might seem like a no-brainer, but plenty of people try to sell their houses by themselves. This is risky and not often a good idea. When searching for an agent, find someone who is proven to be knowledgeable about the area you are looking to buy in. However, experience is not everything; choose someone you feel comfortable with. The more forthcoming you are with your agent, the better off your professional relationship will be.
  2. Know your deal-breakers. Not only do you need to know your deal breakers, but your agent also needs to know where you stand. Do you have a firm top price on what you’d like to pay because you’d rather enjoy your retirement traveling? If you are moving into a neighborhood governed by a Homeowners Association, make sure its restrictions aren’t too onerous.
  3. If you are able to put down some cash, let the seller know. Apart from any deposits you put down toward the price of your new home, you can also elect to put down what is called an earnest money deposit. This is often 1-3 percent of the asking price, but you could increase it based on how motivated you are. The risk here for you is that that money may or may not be refundable based on the offer and state law.
  4. Write a heartfelt letter to the current owner. If you are over-the-moon about a particular house, you can appeal to the seller’s emotions by penning a nice letter letting them know how much you like their house and how much you will enjoy living there. If you can get some inside information on the seller’s personalities from your agent, your letter can get even more personable.
  5. Overall, be patient. Making a deal on something as important as a house is not as dramatic as it is portrayed in the movies and on TV; after submitting your offer, there will be plenty of back-and-forth between you and the seller. The two agents will do some negotiating and, hopefully, you become a homeowner when all is said and done.


The last piece of the puzzle when it comes to purchasing a house is speaking with a competent and caring Florida real estate attorney who can ensure that your real estate transaction goes off without a hitch. Schlegel Livingston, LLC would be honored to fill that role for you. Call our firm at 954-771-8929 to get started on a free consultation today.